Monday, November 9, 2015

Penny had two stalls and two urinals. largest cock in ass, First up was the Sears, with four booths along the wall, and three in front of the urinal stalls.

Largest cock in ass: He always stood on the urinal. This was probably 9 or 10 inches. He was 6'4, gray beard and hair, medium build with a very long cock.

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I remember that the older man, who worked at the mall. I stood at the urinal sometimes. ETC - until finally I could not suck it end or jack it.

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This can go on for some time - a little game, then stopping, then I play. It was amazing how quickly we could move to be seen. gay japan sex tube  image of gay japan sex tube . If the front door opened - someone entered the men's room -

www.freegayvideos  image of www.freegayvideos And the toilet was in the center of the corridor, with the same configuration, Davisons. Davisons had two stalls and two urinals side by side.

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