Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Where tissue Paddy, I said to no one in particular. With everyone who would be back in their chairs watching and dressed him. Much like a sacrificial lamb.

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Without a word, I left Paddy lying in the middle of the floor; blogspot gayporn  image of blogspot gayporn , Ray looked asshole he was.

Everyone looked spent. His asshole was broken and he felt like a whore. His face and hands were burned carpet and I was lucky not dislocated hip. , gay man porn movies  image of gay man porn movies . I tried to look into his eyes, but he avoided the mine.


I got to check it out. We caught our breath. Sweat and cum clung to us. trio gay porn  image of trio gay porn I immediately pressed Paddy in my hands, holding it making sure he was okay.


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