Friday, November 27, 2015

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I left the store, thinking about his proposal. I knew what he meant sex. While I was paying for my haircut, he said, Come back at 5:30, after closing we can have some fun!

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He kissed me on the cheek and then winked at me. When he wiped the excess shaving cream on my ears and neck. hot hunks sucking  image of hot hunks sucking .


He used a razor to trim around my ears. Shocked hair and then removed the paper before trimming my neck. gay fetish bondage  image of gay fetish bondage , When he had finished cutting my hair, he took off the sheet.

While he was cutting my hair in the mirror, he winked at me. I was embarrassed because I felt his hard prick rubbed my hands. While he was cutting my hair, xvideos gay bodybuilders  image of xvideos gay bodybuilders , he kept rubbing his crotch against my hands.


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